Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Global Warming

Scientific American has run a survey on global warming among its readers.

Most of them think it's bunk.

The survey has disappeared from S.A.'s pages, but it's here.


Brad K. said...

I have accepted that the globe is warming since both NASA and the Army released reports . .

Reports that detail how all the planets in the Solar System were warming.

It is the man-caused part that I never accepted.

Then that La Nina a couple of years ago undid all the warming in the previous century, with a deeper, colder La Nina forming now.

What concerns me about the La Nina, is my understanding that no one knows where the heck all that cold water comes from. The obvious source, to me, is the antarctic ice pack. Which has been measured as shrinking. The cold water runoff from that would be years making it's way across the bottom of the Pacific (much the way it takes a century for the warm waters of the Caribbean end of the Gulf Stream to warm the North Atlantic, Great Britain, and much of the rest of Western Europe, and then wend it's way under the Atlantic back to the Caribbean).

So I can accept that the globe is warming, even as the temps dip for a time.

But then, I always preferred the hypothesis that the next ice age should have started in the 1200s - except for all the deforestation and wood, coal, and later gas and oil, being burned. This theory just seems so apocryphal and hideous. Just ghastly!

Billll said...

You don't suppose they'll abandon the ethanol program and let us get better mileage from our cars and lower food prices at the market do you?