Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am not anti-religious. I think most religions provide a genuine service to humanity by teaching morals and ethics to a level currently forbidden in, say, the public schools. Additionally, many of them sometimes provide us with much-needed, uplifting entertainment in the form of esoteric doctrine.

Sometimes one of them will go above and beyond the call of duty in the entertainment department, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.

In an example of "Crusading by Proxy" the pastor of an otherwise unremarkable Baptist church announced he was going to publicly burn a Koran, and in the ensuing riots, Muslims killed some 20 of their own coreligionists. Had the pastor killed 20 Muslims himself, he'd have gone to jail.

Fred Phelps and his flock at the Westboro Baptist Church are:
1) Independently wealthy and able to travel all over the country.
2) Deeply religious, as far as pastor Phelps' teachings go and
3) Batshit crazy.

Bring popcorn, beer, and brats, it has the potential to become quite entertaining.

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