Saturday, November 6, 2010

Musical Interlude

Here, this is sort of like Bullwinkles "Poetry Corner" where you knew in advance that some great work of prose was about to get the verbal equivalent of mag wheels and a quick flame job.

I like M4GW. The Weird Al's of climate change. Besides I liked the original song, too.

H/T to Moonbattery.


Brad K. said...


I am sure the Monkees got a kick out of this. But . . Ronald Reagan with a pink Flamingo?

And they didn't even mention the cold-spot La Nina's in the Pacific Ocean - the last one that cooled off all the global warming since the start of the 20th Century - and the deeper, colder one formed now.

Except I think that adapting to peak oil will satisfy much of what the AGW folk worry about. Especially since it seems we also passed (about to pass?) the peak potash (industrial agriculture fertilizer) tipping point. Which means that crop yields, regardless of climate change, will be dropping and crop prices rising.

Billll said...

I'm not absolutely certain who the mask is, but I did not think of Reagan. The weird expression is probably throwing me off.

Billll said...

O.K. now I'm sure: It's Al Gore.