Thursday, November 18, 2010

Compare and Contrast

On the right, you sometimes hear a discussion over when it's finally acceptable to take up arms against the oppressor.

On the left, you sometimes hear a discussion over when the army should be used to impose utopia.


Brad K. said...

I saw a cute idea in a James Garner movie, once - "Tank". It seems Garner bought himself a Sherman tank, in the movie, and uses it against the local sheriff. The base commander cites legal reasons why the US Army can't help - posse commitatus.

Supposedly, according to the movie, it is unconstitutional to use the Army under arms inside the US, against US citizens.

But that was just the movies, I guess, and B. Hussein Obama and the folks he surround himself with don't seem to worry much about the movies. Or citizens or the Constitution, for that matter.

Unfortunately, Podesta's comment about ignoring legal, Constitutional, and Congressional limits seems to be merely a statement of Obama policy. Scarty, that.

Billll said...

Back in his country, the army is used for that purpose all the time.