Monday, November 29, 2010

Political Science

That and your MBA. If you read Machiavelli's book, The Prince, you'll find it contains everything you would expect to learn getting your MBA with the exception of the finer points of accounting.

If you have higher ambitions than just becoming a captain of industry, give this a read. In 14 pages, it covers the bases fairly well. Don't worry, the print is big, and in several cases, it doesn't cover the whole page. No names are mentioned, but the actions called for may strike a familiar note.

It brings to mind a book by Mack Reynolds called Trample An Empire Down, published in the 60's I think. Worth a read, and available for under $2, about the founders of a political movement whose slogan was "What's in it for me?". Imagine the Tea Party going over to the dark side. Quite humorous.


Brad K. said...


Nice find on the progressive snark.

Unfortunately - it feels more like preaching to the choir than anything else. Those that agree Obama-ism is a direct challenge and threat to the US Constitution and the rule of law already recognize and understand the danger.

For those enamored of the Obama rhetoric and charisma, the piece won't accomplish as much as a poll of the Brady Bunch, on their favored concealed carry weapon.

I picked up a copy of Beck's "Broke" last night. I wonder what the connotation is - the book weighs more than my last college accounting text book.

Billll said...

In the end, the point of any book is to keep the author from going broke, no?