Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gunney Report

The October postal match results are up.

First in class, 4th overall. Could have done better, I'm sure, but sometimes you have an extraordinary long and tiring day, then you get to shoot a bulls eye match.

This was also one of those targets that after putting forth your best effort, you discover your scores are wayyy lower than you thought they should be, and wonder if you should embarrass yourself by sending it in. The theoretical perfect score on this one was 60. Best score entered was 17. Think you can do better? Give it a shot.

Next, and last match of the year is at Cheaper Than Dirt. Zombies!

1 comment:

USCitizen said...

Thanks for entering!

4th was a pretty good showing - the "20% optics curve" seemed to work for leveling out the differences.

I loaded up the car to shoot some entries at the 11th hour only to encounter a dead battery.

It felt bad not posting an entry in my own contest.