Monday, October 25, 2010

Global Warming

I'm for it. It was comparatively balmy this morning at 6:20 when I took the motorcycle in to work. 1 hour later the temp dropped and wind and heavy rain hit. By 4, the sun had come out, but it was colder than when I rode in in the morning. 14-24" in the high country, too. Hello, Broad Ripple? Here's your long range forecast.

Weather wonks
are calling for an unusually cold winter, followed by a cold summer, followed by the return of the ice sheets to Wisconsin.


Brad K. said...


NASA and the Army, back before Copenhagen and before President Obama became President, noticed that all the planets in the solar system are warming. That didn't get much air play, because it doesn't fund any protesters, and doesn't benefit any fundraising enterprises, not even ACORN.

One claim from some of the AGW people I do mostly trust, is that global warming isn't about everyone's temperatures smoothly getting a degree warmer or so.

What happens is - warming the atmosphere means that you add energy to the climate. Add energy to a system, and typically you get disturbances. More pronounced highs, occasionally, more severe lows, to, both in temperature and in air pressures.

That results in more storms, shifting rain patterns for more droughts and droughts shifting to new places. The weather gets a bit edgier, and where the weather occurs shifts around a bit.

They also claim that it takes decades and centuries for the added energy to settle to a stable and uniform increase in temp.

So I keep the AGW argument that methane from cows causes more warming than methane from uneaten grass with a smile, and "That's nice. Now go outside and play." But the Global Warming stuff I think is actually happening. Even when it means that we get cold winters and cold rains, etc.

Brad K. said...

Oops. Color me impulsive.

I just read the article. Super La Nina, cooling the globe. Huh. And the guy makes sense.

It could be interesting, for those that survive an atrocious winter. Two winters, that is, since La Ninas run that long. I suppose this could be the "tipping point". And I have to wonder - does the La Nina cause the cooling, or is the La Nina just the first effect of whatever actually activates the change?

I wonder what prayers to the great La Nina/El Nino gods sound like - "Bali Hai"?

Anonymous said...

"all the planets in the solar system are warming."

Man-made carbon emissions are causing more damage than we first thought! Not just to Earth, but the entire solar system!

Why oh why won't we listen to St. Al Gore?

Billll said...

"The jig is up the news is out they've finally found me
The rovers that we ran on Mars were powered by Chevy.
Every day they ran astray,
Running hard in every way,
and melting the ice caps"