Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Product Endorsement

My truck is getting pretty old, and losing performance. Part of that is due to the transmission. In the morning I put it in gear and step on the gas and the engine roars and the truck moves foreward slowly until things get warmer.

After that, out on the road,if I want to speed up, I step on the gas a bit, and the engine revs up a bit, but speed remains the same. Give it more gas, and the tranny shifts out of overdrive, but still no increase in speed. More gas yet, and the engine revs finally get to the point the tranny can no longer ignore, and speed begins to increase.

Add 2/3 of a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix, and all this goes away. The stuff's like magic. Also like tar. I had to microwave my bottle for 2 minutes to get it to the point it would come out of the bottle and run down the filler tube, and even at that it was still slow, which accounts for the 2/3 bottle. I ran out of patience.

It's worth the wait, though. LTF is available at auto parts stores, and they are not paying me to say nice things about their product.

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