Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three-Party Elections

I've talked about this before here, how three party elections most usually elect the least popular candidate, barring allowances being made, such as runoffs. Here in Colorado, we have one of those for Governor, as the Republicans have picked a really weak candidate, Dan Maes, and the Dems have a fairly popular one. The odd man in is Tom Tancredo, Constitution party candidate, who is within 6 points of beating the Democrat, with the Republican getting 15%.

A Republican who had the peoples best interests in mind would drop out, and throw the election to the Constitution party candidate.

As I understand it, if Maes drops out or otherwise polls less than 10% of the vote, it reduces the Republican Party to the status of a minor party, and reduces some sources of funding.

You would think that if the Republicans take back the Colo house, maybe the Senate, and Tancredo takes the Governors seat, that some kind of arrangement could be worked out.

On the other hand, perhaps that would be the first step in the disappearance of the Republican party from the political scene, and the rise of either the Constitution Party, or the establishment of the Tea Party as a bonna fide political party for the 2012 elections.

Make history, Danny Boy. Drop out.


jed said...

I'm trying to think of the last time I heard of a politician doing the right thing. Maybe somebody will hit Maes with a cluebat, but it'd have to be a big one to penetrate. I know some people who will hold there nose and vote for him, but not for Tancredo. I'd rather have a chimpanzee than Hick. Sadly, there isn't one on the ballot.

Billll said...

An uncharitable person might suggest there are at least 3 chimps on the ballot. Possibly more, I haven't seen this year's ballot yet.

jed said...

Well, I meant a chimp with some training. Housebroken, at least.