Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proofread Your Ballot

Reports are now in of voting machine irregularities in Nevada, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

In Nevada and N.C. the machine accepts your selection, then changes it to favor the Democrat. In New Jersey and Penn. the internally collected vote total doesn't add up, although one vote per machine is probably less than the total of bogus absentee ballots sent in.

When voting on a touch-screen machine, carefully proof-read your selections before pressing the "VOTE" button.


Brad K. said...

Is it too soon to sue the SEIU for vote tampering and treason - Their hands are sure dirty with the Nevada vote rigging.

Railgap said...

While I won't argue that any vote tampering is reprehensible, I can't help thinking some evil Dems were thinking that turnabout is fair play. Remember when it was the Dems crying "OMG rigged voting software, rigged elections, etc" while the GOP said, "nonsense, silliness, not happening, sour grapes".

And now the shoe is on the other foot, heh-heh.

Doesn't it make you wonder what other nations / societies must think of us nutty 'Murricans?

And uh, sue someone for treason?? *SNORT* Yeah, or maybe you could put strychnine in their guacamole.