Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Wit and Wisdom Of Harry Reid

In an interview, featuring strictly softball questions, Harry Reid sets some records.

When asked who the greatest living Americans might be, he unhesitatingly selects Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd. You're too modest, Harry. I was sort of hoping you'd be right up there with them. Or down there with them, depending on your theological bent.

The consummate politician, when he needs dirty work done, rather than dirtying his hands, he farms it out. Wouldn't pay a dime to see a cage match between Chuck Schumer, age 60, and John McCain, age 72 and unable to raise his arms over his shoulders, but figures McCain might be the winner. I'd go with McCain too, but only if we spotted him a .45.

Reid is currently 4 points behind
among likely voters in his re-election bid, which is not too bad after you factor in the 3-5 points vote fraud can get you.

1 comment:

Brad K. said...

Oh, wow.

Sorry - I just caught that. "Greatest Americans living" - and he names two dead guys. Oops.

I guess even Reid doesn't consider anyone in this administration "great" - or maybe "American"?