Sunday, October 31, 2010

Election Advice

Got your bag of salt handy? Here goes:

There are several questions on the ballot this year, but one of them, Amendment Q, draws my attention. This one says that the legislature should busy itself, in its copious spare time, with finding an official emergency backup location at which to meet should the current location, in the center of Denver, become unavailable.

So let's say that the legislation making Colorado an official sanctuary for UFO pilots becomes law, and a couple of illegal aliens (they have warrants out on them on their home planets) while attempting to land, step on the wrong pedal ( happens to Toyota owners all the time). The resultant surge from the engines reduces the capitol building, and several nearby government buildings to a glass-lined pit, several hundred feet deep.

Let us further speculate that this happens as the Governor is giving his State-of-the State address, and every parasite for miles around is in the chamber to hear it.

What's our hurry to replace this?

Vote NO on Q.

1 comment:

Brad K. said...

I dunno. A backup site might be handy.

Somewhere in North Dakota, maybe? Because otherwise a bunch of places, some even with city buildings bigger than my living room, will spend a bunch of money, hoping for the construction and ongoing contracts to keep that alternate capital "available".

It might not be as big a deal as selecting the next Olympics city. But it might be.

I guess you are right. It will be much cheaper and more sensible to vote "no" in the first place. . . All those displaced/misplaced Californians aren't voting for Sacramento, are they?