Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shooting Bowling Pins

Went out to the club match to shoot the Wiley wild bowling pins, and incidentally defend my title, which I somehow won last time.

This time I found myself cast as the organizer and scorekeeper as well, which means standing in the sun (low to mid 90s) recording results, and calling up the next shooters This also means I don't get to sit down in the rather sparse shade for about 4 hours.

To my credit, the whole thing ran fairly smoothly and quickly, and we got through 10 rounds of 10 matches in 4 hours with nobody getting bored and going home early. On the other side, the quality of my shooting began deteriorating somewhere about round 6 or 7, and the glorious trophy is now adorning someone else's mantel.

We use an abbreviated form of the Round Robin, which is more of a "Semicircular Robin" or maybe "Slice of a Robin Pie", instead of trying to get everyone to shoot against everyone else, which would entail some 400 match-ups for the 20 people we had today. Requires only 100 match-ups at just under 2-1/2 minutes each. I highly recommend finding a non-participant to act as scorekeeper, or maybe handicapping the previous match winner with the job while I sit in the shade with a couple gallons of lemonade.

Come to think of it, that's exactly what we did this time.

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