Thursday, July 22, 2010

Into The Future

Congressman Udall (D-Endangered) sent me his latest re-election letter, touting his position on renewable energy.
With a national RES, we could see the same success across the country. According to a study by Navigant Consulting, a national 25 percent by 2025 standard would create an additional 274,000 jobs nationwide.
Udall wants Colorado to get 30% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. Currently we get about 5% of our energy from such sources, and 95% from conventional sources. The quickest way to get the renewables up to 30% would be to reduce the others to 10% from 95%. Voila! Instant Greenness. The governor has already signed the bill.

He also says this will add jobs, amounting to (locally, 274,000/50=) 5480 new ones by then. So 365 new jobs per year, presumably including picking up the bodies of those who froze to death or starved, and transporting them, by human-drawn carts, to the recycling centers where they will be turned into something useful, like food or clothing for the living.

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Brad K. said...

I thought Spain's experience was that every green job cost a couple-three unsubsidized jobs.