Monday, July 5, 2010

Economic Modeling

As you all know, I have 4 fruit trees in my back yard. Last year they produced prolifically, and the local squirrel population thrived. I got 1 peach. Somehow this seemed less than fair.

This year I started a program of squirrel control early, using the squirrel trap I wrote about here earlier. Here it is, halfway through the growing season, and I have 4 trees heavily laden with fruit. It looks like I'm going to do well this year.

I've also noted that trying to control squirrels is like trying to dig a fox hole in a pond, but I'll report now that if you shovel fast enough, even that begins to look possible. This year I've gotten about 20 squirrels for my efforts, and the influx has notably abated. I'm beginning to think of this as an example of how well an economy can do when it doesn't have to support a large population of welfare recipients. Not that I'm advocating drowning welfare recipients, government employees, and other non-productive parasites mind you, just noting that the productive population is noticeably more productive when they don't have to support a large non-productive population.

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