Sunday, July 18, 2010

Makers Faire

John M, one of my regular readers, attended the mini-Maker Faire in Aspen on the 10th, got his picture in Atlantic magazine, and reportedly had a great time. Unfortunately I found the trip to be a bit much for one day, and wimped out.

Not to worry, Both of us made the mini Maker Faire at Club Workshop the 17th, and both of us had a great time. John brought his fighting robot, and I brought the Pedal Air Gun. We jointly represented the Denver Mad Scientists Club, and both had a great time. We also now have an idea what it would be like to have 15 hyperactive kids.

The big theme at the Club Workshop gig was robots. My favorites were the tennis-ball sized black plastic ball you can drive around the floor, controlling it from your Droid. Cat toy? Sure there's an app for that. The other was the small walking biped equipped with airsoft guns. Yet another Droid app.

You shoulda been there.

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