Monday, January 15, 2018

Relocating The BLM

There has been much talk lately about moving the BLM out of Washington to a location closer to the lands they allegedly manage. While on the one hand, this is greeted with horror, as the social scene out in the sticks is comparatively non-existent, there might be some saving features to the idea.

First off let's consider just how far out in the sticks the BLM might get moved. For most in D.C., Denver might be about as far as anyone could reasonably be expected to tolerate. In spite of being in the middle of nowhere, it does have a decent airport so junkets to necessary meetings wouldn't be all that difficult. Keeping in mind that top management would, of course, have to stay near the government teat in D.C. and no one would reasonably expect them to travel to the middle of nowhere to meet with underlings.

The locals would probably not notice the move at first, at least not until the imposing 20 story building with the glass facade was opened on the Federal Center out in Lakewood at which point the traffic situation would become so bad as could be no longer ignored. 6th avenue, the main feeder to the center, could be made a toll road from I-25 to Golden which would keep the hoi-poloi out of the way of the nobility. Free toll passes to all government employees, of course.

Next up we'd consider locations further west and closer to the federal principalities. Boulder comes to mind where the political climate very closely matches that of D.C. Problem with that is that no one under the grade of GS-21 can afford to live there.

Next up would be Dillon or Glenwood Springs. Both small towns with a limited supply of Opera houses, but plenty of upscale shopping and dining as they cater to the upscale skiers, especially Glenwood, the low income bedroom community to Aspen. Keep in mind that low-income is a relative term here.

Left up to me, I think I'd put them in Cortez. This is convenient to 2 Indian reservations and several national forests, parks, and monuments, plus being near to the big city amenities of Durango and Shiprock N.M.


Brass said...

Grand Junction is my choice for them.

Billll said...

That's probably the most likely spot for them to wind up as it already has an airport. My own personal first choice was to co-locate the building with the 4-corners power plant in New Mexico.

Weldmeister said...

Grand Junction is the best choice. Decent airport, plenty of amenities. Actually in the West, not like NYC/DC/Denver (Yes, with the current libs running Denver and the Front Range they don't get to claim it is a Western Town.) Plus GJ is right in the middle of a LOT of BLM ground.

Best Regards,
Greg Smith