Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How Government Works - Cali Style

As of yesterday you can't buy ammo in Cali except through a licensed ammo dealer who gets to charge a fee* for providing you the privilege. As of today, there is no procedure for issuing the licenses so you effectively can't buy ammo until this little oversight gets fixed.  From the comments here:
“It’s getting worse quick. Prop 63, the back ground checks for ammo, goes into effect tomorrow. Virtually no gun or ammo store has received a license to sell ammo yet. Our Sheriff has been writing, e mailing, and calling CalDoj for the last week. He’s been posting the correspondence and conversations on the Sheriffs FB page. He’s caught them in several lies. But the final answer was these ammo stores will just need to close their doors until the licenses are ready. His final reply was that was totally unacceptable. It’ll be interesting to see if our county ammo stores are selling ammo tomorrow. Sound like our Sheriff is ready to go to war with the state.”
I'm expecting some "Irish Democracy" here with people bringing ammo in from delivery points out of state, which is also set to become a felony soon. Outside of "Real California" which I'm defining as that chunk of the state West of I-5, South of the San Joaquin River, and North of San Clemente, I'm not expecting to see much enforcement, if any.

I will also be looking forward to a rapid drop in gang-related shootings as the ammo supply dries up.

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Merle said...

Smuggling ammo? It's about as likely as it was that booze came in during prohibition....