Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flying Cars, Sort Of

Boeing has acquired a smaller company that has itself developed an "octorotor" craft capable of lifting 500 lbs. The reactions on the military oriented blogs run toward panic at the thought that the crazy in the basement next door could attach a 500 lb bomb to his new drone and drop it somewhere socially unacceptable.

Here at Billlls, we look at things a bit differently. Take that 8-rotor, add 4 spindly legs and a canvas bosuns chair, and you're off to work driving with the same controller you use for your drone toy. Probably get some extra distance too from you weighing less than half the machine's rated capacity.
Land in a designated EV parking space and charge up your batteries while you're charging up the company ladder, and buzz back home at 5 PM laughing at the traffic below. The best part is that no long runway is required, just roll out the garage and up you go.

Even better, do away with the wireless controller and put a small joystick on a hanging stalk, then forget about high tech jammers down below. Cup holder goes on the other stalk. Just stay away from the high tension lines and radio antennas (don't ignore the guy wires) and you're good to go. License this as an experimental aircraft to get around some of the bothersome FAA regs and hope it doesn't make so much noise as to bug your neighbors.

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Merle said...

I wonder about the price tag, rage, and the rest of the performance envelope?