Thursday, January 4, 2018

Trump Solves Global Warming - Research opportunity

Over at Bijou Renaissance Man, Peter has found a post from Gab that demonstrates Trumps solution to the global warming issue. Assuming of course that you still feel there's an actual issue here in need of your tax money.

Commenters are noting that the alleged cure seems to be a bit stronger than many would think to be appropriate, including one fellow observing conditions along the Rio Grande more appropriate to, say, Iowa this time of year.

Irish coffee has been a popular remedy for cold weather in the past, but now I suppose we'll be seeing "Messican Coffee" made with coffee and a shot of Tequila.

No, I have not tried it. I'm blaming this on an acute shortage of medicinal supplies(1)
If someone would like to be the guinea pig(2) for this one, be sure to write up your results, assuming you remember them.

(1) Jose Cuervo

(2) Heirchy of jobs:
      1) Astronaut
      2) Test Pilot
      3) Development driver
      4) Guinea Pig
      5) Lab Rat
   The big difference in the last 2 is that you don't miss the lab rat if things go seriously wrong.

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Merle said...

guinea pigs are nothing but big rats - no loss there either!!!