Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Taprooms vs Bars

One of the biggest suppliers of beer to local type bars, Molson-Coors, is complaining that local microbreweries with taprooms are cutting into their business in a noticeable way.

Bummer dudes. First let's see what exactly is being compared.
N.B. = Coors, Miller, Bud. Options = regular or light.
T.R. = The house brews. 6-12 variants ranging from light to black. May include fruit or other flavorings. YMMV but you knew that in advance.
Neighborhood bar = grill in back producing burgers and fries. Probably better than fast food but not greatly.
Taproom: These places seldom have a food production facility, but they cover the legal requirement to supply eats by contracting to a food truck to park outside. The truck is sometimes as much of the attraction as the beer inside and every one is unique, some much better than others.
N.B. = Loud background music, usually R&R, and wall-to-wall TV's tuned to various sports channels. Noise level demands yelling to make yourself heard across the table.
TR = Softer background music and probably only one TV, frequently tuned to a news channel. Fox if you're lucky, CNN if you're not. If you're really lucky, there won't be a TV. Conversation is easily possible.

So why did you go to whichever place you went to in the first place? My idea of a drinking establishment is a dimly lit place with many small (2-4 seats) tables with classical music playing softly in the background and a couple of larger tables in the back room for party groups. Craft beers and single malt whisky. Food = appetizers.


Merle said...

What about a stripper pole - just for exercise you understand..... :)


Billll said...

Only in establishments already fitted with karaoke machines.

Karaoke: Japanese word meaning "drunken businessman"

If you thought they sounded bad singing along with whomever, wait until you see them dance.

Merle said...

So how often do drunken businesswomen get on the pole?
That could be a great photo op.... :)