Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Shutdown Benefit

It seems the budget deal, for 3 whole weeks, includes a few easter eggs for us peasants that we didn't know about. The part that affects me is the repeal of the Obama Medical Device Tax. For those of you who don't know, there are 2 categories of things used to help the hearing impaired: Personal Sound Amplifiers, and Hearing Aids. Sounds like the same thing, no? The difference is about $1500-$2000. Each.

The PSAs on the low end simply amplify everything which doesn't really help much since hearing loss tends to favor certain frequency ranges and if you can't hear the upper frequencies very well, amplifying the other ones won't help much. The better ones have programability built in to make some ranges louder while affecting other ranges less. These run $500-$600 each. Real "Hearing Aids" are programmable across a wider range and are considered "medical devices" and are subject to the tax. They also can include features as connectivity to your phone and/or TV so as to specifically amplify those appliances.

Don't know if this will help me as I'm getting new aids next month, but one can hope.

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