Friday, January 12, 2018

Gun Tech - Eggleston Bullets

Eggleston Munitions in Colo Spgs sells polymer coated bullets in all the usual sizes and at very reasonable prices. I bought a couple of sample packs to try out in my pistol and in my carbine. The pistol batch was 165 gr conical flat point primarily for use in my Glock 22 at IDPA matches. As distances are short, pinpoint accuracy is not really an issue so I didn't test for that, rather just for MV, as I normally load light.

For comparison, I usually load a RNFP plated bullet from either Barrys or Rocky Mountain Reloaders. When loading for the pistol all I need is enough velocity to qualify in the SSP class which would be a power factor of 130. This means anything over about 825 fps. I usually get about 850-875 loading over 4.0g of Titegroup so no problem there.

I loaded up 30 rounds as usual, and took them to the range with the chronograph. Zowie! 972 in the pistol and 1073 in the carbine. About 100-125 fps faster in the pistol and about 75 fps faster than I usually get from the carbine.

They look like a collection of Barbie lipsticks, don't they. Also available in Orange, Pink and Black.
As I was loading the bullets, I noticed that the seating die needed a good deal of adjustment to get to 1.140 cartridge length. I got to looking at the bullets and comparing them to the plated ones and discovered that the Egglestons were about .022" longer than the RMRs and dropping one of each into the seating die I found that the Egglestons were seating .03" deeper than the plated bullets probably due to the different nose shape and the spherical shape of the die face. The deeper seating would explain the faster MV as this would give higher pressures.

By way of comparison, the 180g bullets I got were exactly the same length as the RNL bullets I had purchased earlier. Doesn't hurt to check, eh?

Since one never sees a target beyond 15 yards in IDPA, the pistol ammo works fine in the carbine. USPSA, however has carbine stages that run to 200 yards (note they do NOT specify the caliber) thus some extra boost is needed and accuracy is at a premium when using a PCC. I have tried multiple different hand loads, and multiple different commercial ammo for this and so far no one, including Eggleston, has been able to do better than Blazer aluminum cased 180g.  Go figure.

I like the Egglestons. They take less powder and cost less, work fine, and if you load for 2 different guns or multiple situations, you can get them in different colors to differentiate.

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