Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Making Crime Pay - Madison WI

The city of Madison is looking to implement a new gun buyback program that could make gun crime pay off twice.
The bounty program would specifically seek firearms that have been used to shoot into homes and vehicles or that were used in assaulting individuals, Soglin said. It would also allow informants to be paid confidentially and would not require an actual conviction to be made to receive the $1,000.
Let's say you're a reputable dealer in recreational pharmaceuticals, and your livelihood is being put at risk by some upstart who has moved his operation onto your favorite street corner. So you buy a gun from a burglar for $200, use it to reclaim your street corner, and give it to a confederate with no direct connection to your business, who then turns the "found" gun in to the cops for the $1000 bounty which he splits with you 60/40 which gives each of you $400 and covers your cost of the gun as well.

The cops are presumably happy as they have taken a crime gun off the streets, the original owner might be happy if the cops return the stolen gun to him, you and your confederate are happy, and the only unhappy person is the upstart drug dealer, but being dead, you can't really say if he's happy right now or not. A win all around, no?

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Merle said...

AHH yes - liberal logic at it's finest!