Saturday, July 1, 2017

Large Scale Shooting

‘Dispute’ at concert leaves 25 shot, 3 injured at Little Rock nightclub, Republican wack jobs blamed
Normally everyone who gets shot is listed as injured although some might get listed as "fatally injured". It's enough to make you wonder what the shooter or shooters were using, Nerf guns? It was a Hip Hop concert and someone has tweeted a suggestion that it was the fault of the NRA that the kids (all seemed to be under 20) had guns in the first place. No specific whack jobs were mentioned.

Related the NYT is reporting the action as taking place in Downtown Arkansas. Arkansas population, 2.98M is well under the population of NYC (8.49M) so assuming a place with about 1/3 the population of your town must have a downtown somewhere would be an honest mistake for a New Yorker.

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