Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Slogan Needed, Apply DNC

The Dems need a catchy slogan for the upcoming elections. Here's one they are considering:
Honest, they really are. They are soliciting suggestions right now.

The possibilities boggle the mind:
Democrats 2018 - Make America Venezuela
Democrats 2018 - California, Illinois, Venezuela
Democrats 2018 - Under 70 need not apply
Democrats 2018 - Free Stuff For Everyone
Democrats 2018 -Above the Crowd, Above the Law
Democrats 2018 -Help Keep Us Out Of Jail
Democrats 2018 -This Time Socialism Will Work
Democrats 2018 - Doing The Jobs Americans Don't Want Us To Do
Democrats 2018 -Ready For Hillary 2020
Democrats 2018 -History Will Absolve Us


Anonymous said...

[picture of fetus in cross-hairs]

"It's not a child, it's a Choice. This message brought to you by the Democratic Party".

Anonymous said...

Free stuff for ignorant people/slaves.

Billll said...

Bread and Circuses

An old and well established slogan with a proven track record.