Friday, July 14, 2017

Turn Over A Rock

And watch the critters scurry for new cover.

In the wake of Trumps request for state voter rolls, which are after all public documents, some 3400 voters have suddenly decided to un-register.

Now I admit that putting your publicly available information into yet another government database might open you up to another layer of junk mail from Nigerian princes and other neer-do-wells, but just think, you'd be participating in a national effort to insure that your vote is not cancelled by some unscrupulous cad with multiple registration. Unless....

Oh wait, I've been assured that this NEVER happens.


Anonymous said...

I think, sometime after Aug 5th, I'll wander over to the Secretary of State's website and compare July and August registration numbers by party. Might be interesting.

David A

Brass said...

Living up in Vail, I know multiple second home owners that are registered in their home state and here. Their reasoning, "I pay taxes here as well, so I should have a say." And then they vote in the national races in both places with a wink and a nod. I'd imagine some of them may be dropping out as the feds don't really care if you're just a millionaire and will bust you with a felony charge.

Anonymous said...

Well, Well, Well. More than half are Dems.