Tuesday, July 11, 2017

CCW - Back To The Future

It is currently legal to openly carry a sword in Tennessee. Later this year it will become legal to do so in Texas. I suppose that the CCW version of this would be a sword cane which is currently illegal in a lot of places. Great I suppose if you're into swashbuckling in whatever form you like to do it, but swords require a good deal of training to use properly and let's face it, they don't work well at grappling distances.

I can't wait to see the new ATF rules on swords. Those with a length under 6 inches are considered knives and will not be regulated. 6-16 inches will be AOW's I suppose and subject to a $200 tax which will drive up the price of dirks, daggers, and Bowie knives. 16 to 30 inches will be considered a "sporting weapon" unless the blade is wider than 10% of the overall length in which case it will be an "assault sword" and subject to banning in some states. Likewise carrying a short sword along with a standard length one will be considered "high capacity" armament although it might be legal if your second blade is 6" long or less.

The Claymore will be classified as a "destructive device" and subject to the $200 tax stamp.

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