Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gun Law - Lack Of Progress Report

The Hearing Protection Act, HR 367 in the House and S 59 in the Senate continue to languish in committees with no escape in sight. In the house the bill has 154 co sponsors and in the Senate, 17. That means 70% of a passing vote in the house and 34% of a passing vote in the Senate.

I'm told that a bill will get a vote in committee if 51% of the majority party shows support for it so the bill is over due in the house. To my observation, what happens is that 33% of republicans would vote for the bill if Trump tweeted support for it in a show of partisan support, 33% would vote against it because NeverTrump, and the remainder wouldn't vote for it because it didn't go far enough. Even if it included a grant of immortality to all who voted for it.

On a related note, the SHARE act, which includes the HPA and a bunch of other much needed gun law reforms, still has not been assigned a number in the house and as such represents legislative vaporware.

Keep bugging your congressanimals. When they feel the heat, they see the light.

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