Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anti-Sharia Rally In Denver

Not a greatly organized event with no speakers. From 3:30 to about 5 PM it was noisy but relatively uneventful so Rich and I went home. After we left, of course,it heated up a bit with 4 people getting arrested on various minor charges and one outstanding warrant. The Antifa thugs were mostly skinny kids dressed in black with bandannas and hoodies and the good guys ranged from scruffy bikers to one fellow looking like he was ready to take Falluja single handedly. 
The temps were in the low to mid 90's which discouraged too much 
activity. Denver sent a dozen or so SWAT officers who spent most to the time in their SUV's with the A/C on high. Note to ANTIFA: If you make the cops in full Swat gear get out into oppressively hot weather to deal with you, they're going to be bringing an ass-beating with them. Lots of cops there who did a fine job of keeping people apart up to the end when everyone decided to walk across the street to the same bus stop at which point things degenerated. I had left about 45 minutes earlier and so missed all the fun. I forgot my camera so you'll have to watch the news at the link.

The anti-sharia side definitely needs to get some poets to work on the slogans.

Get your hats
Get your coats
Now go home and
F**k your goats!

I'm sure we could do better than that. The media were complaining that they couldn't get too close to anyone without jeopardizing their PG ratings.


Merle said...

I didn't know there were that many goats in CO.... :)


Anonymous said...

According to this,, there are about 1500 goats in CO.

Billll said...

For myself I was thinking more about the domesticated goats rather than the wild mountain goats which would probably object violently to unwanted affections.

Punch line: Alright! 2 down, one to go! Where's that Eskimo woman you want me to kill?