Sunday, June 4, 2017

Draining The Swamp - Not As Hard As Thought.

While shooting the breeze at the gun show today, it occured to me how to fix the unholey mess Washington has become. My partner mentioned a friend of his who had acquired an old Thunderbird that needed a good deal of work to get it back to mostly running and I likened it to some cars I'd dealt with where the best approach was described as "Jack up the radiator cap and slide a new car under it."

In Washington you may look at some agency that is infested with career bureaucrats who have NO interest whatever in seeing their fiefdom reduced and wonder what to do since they can't be fired. Think of Trumps appointed head of the agency as the radiator cap. Keep that and completely abolish the agency. Now task the agency head with rebuilding the agency with just enough people to do the job it was originally set up to do. In most cases this can be done with under 200 people. Preference should be given to ones with experience in private industry and none in government.

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Merle said...

There you go trying to apply common sense again.....