Friday, June 30, 2017

Cali Mag Ban Struck Down. Now What?

A Fedral judge in San Diego has struck down Cali's newest gun ban attempt ruling that a 10-round mag capacity limit infringes the 2nd amendment. Just shows what you can do with the right judge I guess. The 15 round limit here in Colorado has been upheld to the Colo Supreme court so far so maybe Cali should have stuck with the higher round count. OTOH it would be in keeping with the never-ending push to ban guns completely to think that if they can get away with 15 in CO, then why not go for 10 in Cali? If that stands, then next will be 5.

I'll pull out my cryatal ball of very questionable reliability and make a prediction:
The case will go to the 9th circus where the law will be upheld, even if they have to resort to an en banc ruling. Next up will be SCOTUS where it will be struck down.

One can hope.

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