Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gun Laws - The Green Light

The republicans have been exceedingly cautious on the gun bills currently languishing in assorted committees, from the individual measures like the HPA to the omnibus SHARE bill. According to my congressman, part of this is waiting foe the inevitable post-Alexandria flurry of anti gun rhetoric and bills to fade away and another part is the herd mentality of a lot of them, waiting for someone else to lead the movement. Well here it is.

My take on the Ga-6 election is that the Dems ran a perfect candidate* against a real moderate** and lost.  This should be a signal to the reps to step up to the plate and swing for the fences. Of course they won't, without some prodding from the peasants, so pull up the Washington legislative page and give your rep or Sen a piece of your mind. After all, what did we elect them for if not to push the party agenda which includes all those 2A measures.

No one has as yet, gotten a doctoral thesis out of this election yet, and without experts telling us, how can we know what we're thinking? Still, everyone seemed to agree that the Alexandria shooting moved people to the Republican side.

*The Dems don't like to admit it in public, but their platform is pretty much 30's style socialism with new words replacing some of the old ones. The absolute best Dem candidate therefore would be someone as young as possible with no voting record, no published positions on anything, and good hair. Once a Dem takes a position on something, their likability tends to drop.

**By the current definitions, a "moderate" republican is one willing to reach across the aisle and sell out his constituents. A real moderate seems to be one who, while possibly not being a full throated Trumpster, will at least acknowledge him as president and take positions similar to his.

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