Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gun Laws - In Progress

Met with my congressman, Mike Coffman today and asked him about the SHARE Bill and prospects for any other gun bills. He's on the Armed Services Committee and some Veterans affairs committees and isn't heavily involved in gun legislation as such but he doesn't see much hope of passage for pro gun bills while the left is busy demanding more gun control in the wake of the Alexandria shooting.

I like Mr Coffman, he's on our side. What I think he's seeing is a knee jerk reaction on the part of the Reps to the knee jerk reaction on the part of the Donks. Someone, inevitably a lefty of some sort, commits some terrible act using firearms, the left demands more gun control in spite of evidence that nothing they propose would have made any difference at all, and the Reps, not wanting to be scolded in the press, immediately go silent.

In this case the Alexandria shooting should only slow things down by 3-6 months, after all it was only Reps who were targeted and no one but the shooter was killed.

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