Friday, May 26, 2017

Punch Back Twice As Hard

In Montana Republican Greg Gianforte has won the states only House seat after accosting a reporter and getting charged with misdemeanor assault. Congratulations Greg.

We all knew that the press in general is held in fairly low esteem by everyone except themselves, but this has to take the cake, at least so far. I had thought that the incident would work against him with most, if not all of the local press siding with the U.K. Guardian reporter.

I thought Gianforte should have laughed the incident off by stating that he had thought the limey was a rugby fan and would appreciate a rugby-oriented gesture of sports-fan brotherhood.

The Montana race is one of two, the other being in Georgia, that the Democrats were touting as impending defeats for Trump.


tsquared said...

+1 on defeating the dimmocrat. Ossoff now needs to loose GA.

Merle said...

Wait - a reporter that was such a jerk that the other reporters wouldn't defend him?

It boggles the mind!!! :)


Anonymous said...

He also raised $100,000 AFTER the news on the incident went national.