Monday, May 29, 2017

Shooting In The Gimp Class

It's that time of the year when all the clubs I shoot at hold the annual IDPA Classifier matches. For those of you who don't know, this is the dullest form of competitive shooting there is. It is also close to the only way you can get your status in the IDPA upgraded. Scoring is your time plus 1-5 points for each miss depending on the severity of the miss. Lower is better.

It also happens to be about 3 weeks from my being officially allowed to remove the splint on my left wrist and enter physical therapy. I had originally planned to shoot this with the carbine as it would generate no recoil to my hand, but of course the best laid plans go up in smoke when you "load and make ready" only to find that the battery in the red dot is dead and you don't have a spare. Nor does anyone else. I hate it when you get all set to blaze away with your trusty firearm only to find you can't because the battery is dead. This is why the so-called smart guns will never be popular.

OK so I took off the splint, put on the gel-padded Perl Izumis, and had a go with the Glock. After all, of the 70-80 shots you fire in a classifier, only 6 are fired with the weak (injured) hand only. Even with the padded gloves and the low-power loads I use, those hurt enough to give me pause. Of those 12 shots I managed to get 2 complete misses which add 5 points each to my score.

Whatever I was having a good day with no technical problems and no penalties. Final score = 149. Required to advance my rank = 142. Those 10 points I picked up with the weak hand kept me from  advancing a notch. In the grand scheme of things this doesn't matter except for bragging rights but still I could use some bragging rights. It's good for the ego you know.

Next time.

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