Friday, May 5, 2017

Anticapitalism - Drinking

Colorado by any standard seems to fall in the middle of any sorting method. Average everything and our liquor laws are no exception. We retain about half of the prohibition regulations left over from the 20's and the purveyors of drink seem to control which ones.

A bill was recently introduced to allow our 140+ craft breweries and 50 or so craft distilleries to open 2 additional tap rooms each at locations remote from the originating facility. This has been shot down mostly through pressure from restaurants and bars who note that the tap rooms, which would feature only in-house products, wouldn't have to jump through as many hoops as the full-service places. Tap rooms for example don't have to serve food. Most of them have a food truck that visits the place and pizza and other delivery services advertise in them.

The Official Reason for killing this is that the expected 380(+/-) new businesses would require the services of 3 additional state employees at an aggregate cost of some $160K/yr. Like these places wouldn't generate $420/ea/yr in taxes.

When the right to conduct business is controlled by politicians, the first thing bought and sold is the politicians.

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