Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Springtime In The Rockies

That would be the day in mid May when you have to hurry to get the lawn mowed before the arrival of the snowstorm. Never put the snow blower away before June 1.
3-5 inches! Plus a tiny blip below freezing. It's a wonder anything grows at all around here. Looks like a good year for tree services removing broken limbs though. Most likely none of this will stick to the pavement and it'll all be gone in 24 hours.

On the medical front I got out of the cast today. My wrist is very stiff, atrophied, and about as sore as when I broke it. I get a removable brace for 3 weeks then some physical therapy. The doc says no pistol shooting for the 3 weeks so I guess I'll be learning the finer points of PCC a while longer.

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