Friday, May 12, 2017

IDPA - New Rules

According to the IDPA rules, stages must have some sort of cover story to go with them. This is a good idea as it lends motivation to the job of shooting all that cardboard while moving, ducking, hiding, reloading, etc, etc. Some of the stories come across as a bit forced, but then we can't all be Larry Correia. Still with the introduction of the PCC class, some of the stories become more than slightly weird. Of course a story that's built around a concealed carry gun may have some problems translating over to a rifle: "You are walking your dog through a sketchy neighborhood, when you round a corner and see a mugging taking place..." or "You are picking up some soda pop at the Stop-N-Rob, near the back of the store when a band of hoodlums bursts in to rob the place and takes some hostages..."

Add a carbine and things just don't sound the same. "You are mowing your lawn with your rifle slung over your back when a carload of zombies turns the corner and heads up your street..." Actually that sounds like something Mr. Correia might use to start a chapter.

The genuine use in this case goes:"You are at your local IDPA match, but have fractured your wrist earlier and are essentially unable to use your pistol with a cast on your left arm. Not wanting to shoot the entire match strong hand only, including the weak hand sections, you bring your carbine and proceed to deal with the zombies/miscreants/terrorists. The "dance steps" required to do this with a rifle are new to me so I'll be learning/inventing them as I go along.

The stupid cast comes off Tuesday, then I get to try to restore the strength that 7 weeks of inactivity have wrought.
My daughter liked the color and added the comment.


Merle said...

Will you have to wear some sort of brace when the cast comes off?


Billll said...

I don't think so although it may take a month to get the strength back.