Thursday, May 4, 2017

Glock Bulge Buster 2

I ran 200 cases using the rig shown 2 posts below and had 6 cases refuse to go through the die. Thinking about that it would seem that pushing the cases through this kind of resizing open end up might tend to force the bulge down without pushing it in plus balancing the cases on the pusher makes for a difficult time trying to hit the die mouth so I tried something different.
Note that the new pusher is nothing but a .38 super brass fitted normally into the shell holder. The open end of the shell is tapered from being pushed into the .40 shells placed over it.

The shells feed into the die much more easily and the bulge is forced the opposite direction from before eliminating the possibility of developing a wrinkle. Finished shells pop out the top of the die as before.

Like I said, I don't shoot 9mm from a Glock so I have no brass problems with this BUT it seems like doing this to your 9mm brass before doing the usual size-and-decap would probably reduce any Glock bulge to manageable proportions.

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