Sunday, November 2, 2014

How To Write A Political Ad

Getting to the root of the problem without singling anyone in particular out, unless you want to use a specific person in the ad of course. This one is from England:
H/T to Samizdata for the find.

Attention Rince Priebus, Ryan Call,
This is the sort of thinking the Republican party has been missing since about 1900.
Here Daniel has an MBA from Harvard and has landed a minimum-wage ($1xx,xxx) job as a policy adviser for a career Democrat. Etc, etc. Give him all your money and he’ll help stop global warming, restart the economy, unionize your schools, bring green mass transit to your front door and have the entire United Nations singing Kum-by-yah in 150-part harmony.

If you have a job, remember there are many Daniels who depend on you for your generous support.

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