Monday, November 3, 2014

Colorado Politics

Now don't get cocky, but as of COB tonight ballots turned in by party affiliation statewide are:

Statewide (TOTAL: 1,463,766):
D: 469,900 (32.1%)
R: 590,653 (40.3%)
U: 403,213 (27.6%)

Expected total turnout will be about 2.2M +/- some so the above total represents about 2/3 of the total vote. The unaffiliated bloc historically breaks similar to the R/D ratio so I'm not expecting the margin to change all that much.

It's being said that the down-ticket races are trending R as well. I would assume that ticket-splitting is in fact fairly rare.

Per the polls, the Governors race is very close, effectively even. If the D's don't show up however...

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