Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Best idea yet for dealing with the expected troubles there: Make sure that everybody knows that the primary weapon will be the fire department. Think that sounds overly peaceful and non-violent?

Check the weather report there
Wednesday Hi 41, Lo 22

Thursday Hi 36, Lo 21

Friday Hi 39, Lo 39

Saturday Hi 57, lo 44 40% chance of rain

Sunday Hi 56, Lo 38, 50% chance of rain

Monday Hi 44, Lo 29, 30%
Tuesday Hi 37, Lo 25 22mph wind

Not a week I'd want to be out getting soaked.

Local gun stores are selling everything they've got but the next problem is that all these new gun owners haven't even fired their new toys yet. On top of that I suspect no one's got a real plan about how they could be best put to use. If you're protecting your store, being on the roof with a couple of helpers works to keep the rioters back but organizing your neighbors to be on the ground at either end of the block keeps them off your block in the first place.

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