Friday, November 28, 2014

E-Postal - Gun Fun

What more perfect way to kill 2 or 3 birds with one stone than to 1) eat thanksgiving dinner, 2) go out shooting, and 3) work off some of that thanksgiving dinner in the process.

Here's my entry in the "other" class of this months postal match using my Pedal gun with the 12ga shell darts. This works out to an .875 dia projectile being shot thru a 1.05" barrel with no rifling. Fortunately the large projectile makes up for a lot of inaccuracy.
In case you're wondering about the Cryllic labeling, click the link and read the rules and the justification for this arrangement.

The gun was pulling a bit to the right which I didn't get corrected for until the end, hence the large number of toppings and condiments and the single meat.

Looks like a score of 18 so I matched my best score with the scoped carbine here. Again, if you can't shoot small groups, shoot big bore.

The rig is written up here
with all the details. The back yard looks better too.

An alternate barrel I have for the gun is 2 inches in diameter and shoots an empty caulk tube which might have been big enough to get me a 20.

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