Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Colorado Politics

So how'd we do? Don't know yet. Due to unforseen yet not unsurprising snafus in a couple of very populous counties, the exact makeup of the Colorado house and Senate is still up in the air. It's possible that the R's have taken both houses. Then again, maybe not.

Colorado does not (yet) have the Chicago tradition of waiting until the votes are counted to find a couple of boxes of ballots in the trunk of a '78 Eldo abandoned in a seedy district all of which miraculously support the machine candidate. Give it time. All mail voting got its first real test drive yesterday and the extra attention it drew from hi-jinks attempted during the recall elections may have resulted in less tomfoolery than would otherwise have been seen.

In any case, the houses will be more narrowly divided which means that non of the fun laws, election fraud laws, and regulations will get repealed or even modified for another 2 years.

Update: Ch 9 is now projecting that the R's control the Senate by 1 seat, and the D's control the house by 1 seat. Several of those races were decided by less than 200 votes.

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