Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gun Fun

Had a nice day today up at the Clear Creek County Sportsmans Club playing at IDPA with a Carbine side match. The IDPA part went well enough with me shooting well, but very slow as usual. Something about the venue up there with the narrower berms with actual vegetation on them and I can't seem to find more than 50% of my brass. That my CZ throws the brass about as far as the lead doesn't help. Shooting buddy remarked that if I were to use a CZ in 10mm, the brass would likely land in the adjacent berm and I'd never recover any of it.

The carbine match was interesting in that one fellow was shooting an AR in .300BLK. That is an integrally suppressed AR in .300BLK. Sounded like someone sneezing. Others ran the gamut from AR & AK to M14. Much noisier. Shooting Buddy used his Beretta Storm 9mm which has very little muzzle noise but a distinct crack from the very supersonic round. I used the Hi-Point 4095 which sounds much the same. Nice to see all the holes appearing in small groups so I guess it's time to re-arrange the furniture one more time. No feeding problems or anything else and the extra time I spent changing 10 round mags more or less matched the time the others spent clearing jams.

Next step will be to run some Dave Tubbs bullets through it to lap the barrel.

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