Friday, March 28, 2014

Dems and Guns and Other Crimes

Sen Yee is in the news getting busted for gun running along with other prominent Dems, not all on gun charges, but a variety of things seeming to center around corruption of one sort or another.

Climb in the wayback machine ad remember when Dianne Fienstein's hubby was making big money importing Norinco pistols and AK-pattern rifles from China until his wife helped get the AWB passed. Then there was Joe Kennedy, running booze north and guns south. Made enough money to get his kids all elected.

Must run in the genes among leftists.

A commenter at Insty notes that currently some 10% of the CA state senate Donks are currently under indictment.

There was a slogan used in Louisiana at one time: Vote for The Crook. It's Important!

We may see this on a national level this year.

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Anonymous said...

"Then there was Joe Kennedy, running booze north and guns south."

So much worse than laundering money for the Nazis, which is why you never mentioned that's how the Bush family made its fortune.