Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jonesing For Some Trigger Time

Here it is March, and I want some trigger time. Not only that but my SIL and my "older daughter" are both bugging me to take them out somewhere to go shooting.

I'd love to.

Yesterday I was out on the motorcycle. Nice day, 58 deg and all. Today it's in the high 20's with freezing rain/light snow/heavy snow depending on where you're standing. There was supposed to  be a bowling pin shoot today but the organizers are having Pope Al's own luck with producing Arctic weather pretty much on demand.

The Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club, which I joined, is expected to have its indoor range in operation Any Day Now. A progress report will be given at the meeting on Tuesday, which unfortunately is also precinct caucus day so I'll miss it.

This Wed and Thu. look like motorcycle to work days. If I'm lucky, this will continue into the coming weekend.

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