Sunday, March 30, 2014

Signs Of Spring

The plants are budding, the woodpeckers are working on demolishing every house in the hood, and I dragged the bicycle out for a test ride. A modest 9 miles. Could have done more, but why push my luck this early in the season?

Maybe this year the annual heavy, wet, limb-breaking snowstorm, followed by clearing skies overnight with lows in the low 20's, won't coincide with the flowering of all the fruit trees.

Hope springs eternal.


Brad K. said...

Huh. Here, I thought that the woodpeckers only followed parasites, worms and such, digging them out of infested wood, thus limiting damage to the tree (or chunk of lumber). Rather than lament the woodpecker whacking on houses, maybe have a pest professional check out the structure?

Billll said...

It's not about food. The peckers around here peck into the ground for bugs. In Spring, they advertise themselves by finding something noisy like a gutter, a trim board or a flue pipe and pound away on it to attract a mate.

Brad K. said...

Ah. Now, that brings to mind the image of the "catch the cat" trick that opens Say It Isn't So with Sally Fields, just before the dinner table "because I hate you" scene.