Saturday, March 1, 2014

Next Election

Over at Daily Pundit, Kiwi Trevor Loudons has a suggestion for the Republicans. When they pick their presidential candidate, have him lay out a slate of cabinet picks with an eye toward making as big a chunk of the base happy as possible. This has the advantage that if someone doesn't feel strongly for the president or veep picks, the secretarial picks will make up for it. He suggests:

For President: Ted Cruz
Vice President: Allen West
Secretary of State – John Bolton
Secretary of the Treasury: Rand Paul
Secretary of Interior: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker
Attorney General: Mark Levin
Ambassador to the UN: Nobody

There are other suggestions for other positions. Click the link, scroll down a bit, and watch the video.

Not a bad start at all. My beef is that Scott Walker is probably better qualified to be president than anyone on that list. Ted Cruz would make a fine candidate for Senate Majority leader or maybe Governor of Texas. Bobby Jindal would work as Education Secretary, and Rick Perry would fit in nicely as Commerce sec.

Several other names come to mind when filling out a ticket in depth. The other advantage is that it makes the media's job of smearing conservatives that much harder with a much longer list to cover. It also makes such a wide ranging smear campaign look that much more petty than to be able to claim to be "vetting" just one person.

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